Michelle Sherman

District Sales Director – West

Michelle Sherman is a passionate advocate of science and patient outcomes with years of experience in the functional and integrative medicine markets.  Her friendly demeanor, incredible knowledge of science and business acumen, has endeared her to the practitioners she feels lucky enough to spend time with.  Michelle is a top 5 nationally awarded sales champion that brings many years of sales experience to her L-Nutra team of representatives in the Western and Central U.S. States.
In college, Michelle was always fascinated by cell function hoping to improve the lives of cancer patients. She started her career out of college working in the lab for Johnson & Johnson before shedding the cleanroom environment and moving into sales.  Working with practitioners and other healthcare professionals brought her closer to making a difference she cared about in patient outcomes and fulfilled both her science and business education passions.
Michelle’s other passions include her family, including two kids, and volunteering as a Girl Scouts of America Troop Leader.
Michelle Sherman has received her Bachelors in Biology from Mills College, a Masters in Chemistry from UC Santa Barbara, and her MBA from Pepperdine University with an emphasis in Global Business.