Jeff Sullivan

Territory Sales Representative

Jeff brings to L-Nutra over 15 years of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales experience.

He began his diverse sales career in the Cardiology market. He was then apart of two successful product launches in the Animal Health industry. The last 10 years have been spent in the Dermatology market selling medications that treat precancerous skin lesions.

However, since he was a young teen, Jeff has always had a passion for sports, health, and fitness. He became a certified personal trainer during college and has continued to help clients on there weight loss journeys throughout his 15-year career as a medical/pharmaceutical sales representative.

In 2014 Jeff began researching and implementing intermittent fasting(time restricted eating) into his own health practice. He saw amazing results but felt one major piece was missing.

“I had always been a proponent of “time-restricted eating” but I typically was going only 16- 20 hours per day without eating and therefore I was receiving only a small portion of the benefits of what an extended fast could provide me. I wanted to enjoy the benefits of a multi-day fast but I hadn’t been successful attempting it on my own. When I became aware Prolon and the 5-day fasting mimicking diet I was so excited. With Prolon L-Nutra has cracked the code and I can now enjoy all the amazing benefits of extended fasting while still eating and nourishing my body.”